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Make it Rain in a Jar

Making rain in a jar is an easy science experiment that both younger and older kids will enjoy. And, you most likely have all the materials on hand! This is a great science experiment to do on rainy days as your child will learn the science behind the formation of rain in our atmosphere.


  1. Glass jar
  2. Ceramic plate
  3. Hot water
  4. Ice cubes
Make it rain in a jar.


  1. Heat water and pour it into a glass jar so that it is about 1/3 of the way filled;
  2. Place the ceramic plate right side up on top of the glass jar;
  3. Set aside and wait a couple of minutes;
  4. Place a few ice cubes on top of the ceramic plate.
Make it rain in a jar.


Rain! You should see water droplets form on the bottom of the ceramic plate. The water droplets should eventually fall back into the warm water. If you did not get this result, try using warmer water and letting it sit a little longer before adding ice.



The air in the jar becomes warm due to the hot water. That warm air rises and hits the cold plate, causing the moisture in the air to condense and form water droplets. Explain that this is the same thing that happens in our atmosphere. Warm moist air rises to the sky and meets colder temperatures. When this happens, water vapors condense and form water droplets otherwise known as rain!

Supporting Materials:

Video: How does rain form and what is the water cycle? – YouTube

Book: Little Raindrop by IglooBooks

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