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Counting Activity: Dots on a Stick

The dots on a stick counting activity not only encourages your child to practice their counting skills, but also their motor skills. Your child may be able to count from memory, but he or she also needs to understand the quantity that each number represents. This is a great activity to practice identifying quantity, number recognition, hand motor skills and colors.

Counting activity for kids


  1. Bingo dot markers Regular markers work as well, but bingo dot markers are faster!
  2. Popsicle sticks The larger the stick, the more dots. If you want to include larger numbers, I recommend larger sticks.
  3. Clothespins We used small clothespins, but large clothespins will work as well.
  4. Fine point Sharpie pen


(Your child may be able to create this activity on their own depending on their age)

  1. Mark one bingo dot on a stick and write the number one with a pen on a clothespin.
  2. Repeat with other numbers. We also used the back of the popsicle sticks for larger numbers.


The dots on a stick counting activity is a great way to practice identifying quantity. Your child will start to notice that counting can be used to determine the quantity of sets. He or she will also work on their hand motor skills by placing the clothespin on a stick.

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